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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardens by the Bay featuring Tulipsmania till 20 May 2013 베이로 정원 2013 년 5 월 20 일까지 Tulipsmania을 갖춘

We went there on Saturday 11 May and they just replanted a 2nd batch of tulips.   They are beautiful.
우리는 토요일 5 월 11 일 거기에 가서 그들은 단지 튤립의 2 배치를 심어. 그들은 아름답다.

Other flowers

Promotion Entrance fee for Singapore Citizens is $10 for adults for the Flower Dome.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of our First trips to China purely China ... our first destination Guilin ... Nov 2011

Photos credit : Ken Kwong (my hubby)



Merryland Park

Night Scenes


photos by me: Jewel
all sorts blessings on a wall in a restaurant representing
all sorts of blessings in our lives ...

one of our hotels ... this is a four star Kaitian hotel, just opened ceremony the night before.

the beauty of Yangshuo

padi fields

De Tian waterfalls, Viet side and China side.

flowers array ... world gifts exhibition hall ...


Horse riding at RMB10 to RMB20 at De Tian Waterfalls

Yang Shuo


 Silver cave

 sparkling as diamonds or silver


look at the so many motorbikes! don't know how they can locate theirs.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, if you are not planning to go there yet.   :)